Sculptuur Studies (Periodical)

Sculptuur Studies (Periodical)

Sculptuur Studies, the electronic periodical for modern and contemporary sculpture history.


About Sculptuur Studies
Sculptuur Studies is a periodical promoting research on modern and contemporary sculpture.  Sculptuur Studies has appeared in print since 2004. Some back issues may still be available. Please email for more information, or refer to 
From 2017, we intend publishing Sculptuur Studies on our website. These online publications can be found here.


Current Articles

Frederique Brinkerink, Nineteenth-Century Dutch Sculptors (to be published August 2018)
The editorial committee is made up of Prof. Dr. Jan Teeuwisse (editor-in-chief) and drs. Dick van Broekhuizen (editor).
Former authors: Willem Levelt , Mariet Westerman, Arie Hartog, Anne Berk , Karin Arink, Jeroen Damen, Robert Zwijnenberg, Frits Scholten, Peter de Ruiter, Paul Hefting, Pi Li, Bert Boelaars , Ida van Zijl , Pius Knüsel , Hans Rooseboom, Rogier Brom, Jan van Beek, Rachel Elior, Pauline Lunsingh Scheurleer, Floor Wullems, Thomas von der Dunk, Alied Ottevanger, Jadwiga Pol, Frans van Burkom , Lisette Pelsers, Ursel Berger, Ger Jacobs, Annemieke Ganzinga, Virag van der Sterren, Paul Schnabel, Hanna Klarenbeek.
Sculptuur Instituut
Museum Beelden aan Zee, founded in 1994, is expanded in 2003 with an institute for the research of international, modern and contemporary sculpture. Everybody who is interested in sculpture can use the services of Sculptuur Instituut, its library and the documentation. The institute library can be visited Tuesday till Friday 10-17; in weekends and on Monday, the library can be visited after making an appointment. Please mail Dick van Broekhuizen. 
issn 1871-3998

Call for Papers Sculptuur Studies

Museum Beelden aan Zee is unique in the Netherlands for its focus on modern and contemporary sculpture. Museum Beelden aan Zee is the host for Sculptuur Instituut. Sculptuur Instituut is the in-house research institute, containing a research library on the subject of modern and contemporary sculpture of about 14000 books. It is led by the director Jan Teeuwisse, professor of modern and contemporary sculpture at Leiden University. Three of the curators are currently working on PhD-theses, on subjects covering sculpture from the nineteenth century till now.

Sculptuur Insituut's publishing outlets are divided between two series: The series Monografieën van het Sculptuur Instituut [Monographs of the Sculptuur Instituut] and the series Sculptuur Studies [Sculpture studies]. This last series is the main focus of this call for papers.

In this series, Sculptuur Instituut wishes to invite young researchers to submit any text, as long as its related to sculpture and the period 1800-now. No geographical limits are imposed. As a guidance, we intend to ask for a maximum of 5000 words in the body text, but this word count is negotiable.
We intend to publish a sound research text on our website ( We intend to review your text and to edit and design in our style; we intend to have qualitative and interesting texts on sculpture in our publication.

Sculptuur Studies will not be printed in paper.
For more information, please contact Dick van Broekhuizen (curator modern & contemporary sculpture Sculptuur Instituut / PhD-Leiden University) at


Please note that the opinions expressed in articles published in Sculptuur Studies are not endorsed necessarily by the Board of the Sculptuur Instituut or the Board of Trustees of the Beelden aan Zee Museum. 

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