Jan Teeuwisse's professorship by special appointment has been renewed for five more years

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Since April of 2018, a guest of the Sculptuur Instituut website is able to search not only the collection and Gipsotheek in museum Beelden aan

Professorship extended

Jan Teeuwisse's special appointment as professor of modern sculpture at Leiden University has been extended for five years.

Sculptuur Instituut Wins Gijselaar Hintzen Prize

On Sunday, the 12th of November 2017,  Jan Teeuwisse received the distinguished Gijselaar Hintzen prize. 

Theo Scholten Lecture 2018 by Hans van Houwelingen

Artist Hans van Houwelingen has been invited to give the 2018 edition of the Theo Scholten Lecture.

Theo Scholten Lecture 2015 by Jacob van der Beugel

Jacob van der Beugel gives Theo Scholten Lecture 23 November 2015.

People in photograph Cor Hund identified

In Cor Hund (1, 2006) a photograph is published, of which we now have more information on the people depicted.